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FlowSyn Multi X

The FlowSyn Multi-experiment package (FlowSyn Multi-X) uses an enhanced FlowSyn control interface to control either a single or a 4-rack fraction collector thereby enabling a sequence of experiments to be performed without the need for a separate PC. Capable of running unattended, it will perform up to 10 sequential experiment and collect the results as fractions or steady state samples allowing the user to vary the key flow-through parameters (stoichiometry, temperature and residence time) in each case.


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FlowLab Plus

FlowLab Plus™is a customisable flow chemistry system based around the UNIQSIS Binary Pump™ dual channel reagent delivery system. The system can be configured in a variety of ways with different pump and reactor options to run both manual and automated flow chemistry reactions. PUMPS: Start with the BPM (Binary Pump Module) 2-channel reagent delivery module – or two BPMs if you require 4 flow input channels – and then add up to four reactor modules. REACTORS: Coils, ‘chips’ (GSM) and column reactors may be utilised. Choose any combination from the HotCoil™ heated coil reactor, HotChip™ heated ‘chip’ (GSM) reactor, Polar Bear Plus Flow™ (heated/cooled coil reactor), or the Polar Bear Plus GSM™ (heated/cooled ‘chip’) reactor modules. All coil reactor modules can be converted to multi-position column reactors by fitting the HotColumn Adaptor™.

FlowLab™ is an affordable and easy-to-use entry level flow chemistry system that is ideal for education, training and for those wishing to try flow chemistry without the associated costs of a sophisticated fully automatic system.


PhotoSyn LED Photoreactor

UNIQSIS PhotoSyn™ is a high power (variable up to 700W) LED light unit for photoflow chemistry reactions run from 150C down to ambient. Enclosed hemispherical LED arrays concentrate the light inward onto a coil reactor. Each array is composed of 260 individual 1W blue (455nm) LEDs making the unit particularly suitable for PHOTOREDOX applications. Other LED array formats with either 3 different selectable wavelength LEDs or a deep UV version are available.

The lamp units have independent cooling and are hermetically sealed such that a compressed gas stream or a gentle flow of water can be applied at higher power outputs for additional cooling. The PhotoSyn is compatible with both the UNIQSIS Cold CoilTM standalone reactor module and the Polar Bear Plus FlowTM cryogenic flow reactor.


Polar Bear Plus Flow

The Polar Bear Plus Flow is a state-of-the-art heating and cooling reactor module for flow chemistry applications.This compact and portable unit can maintain reactor temperatures anywhere between -40°C and +150°C ! There is no icing up, a nitrogen purge can be connected to ensure that the reaction remains clearly visible.

The Polar Bear Plus Flow reactor is easy to use and is completely self-contained, requiring only an electricity supply for operation – no cardice, refrigerants or messy heat transfer fluids!  It is compatible with all standard UNIQSIS coil and chip reactors, the Polar Bear Plus Flow makes an ideal and flexible addition to an existing FlowSyn. Alternatively, this reactor module can be combined with a UNIQSIS Binary Pump Module as the basis for a modular flow reactor system (FlowLab Plus).



Polar Bear Plus Glass Static Mixer Chip

Versatile heating and cooling module for UNIQSIS glass static mixer/reactor blocks The Polar Bear Plus GSM™ is a state-of-the-art heating and cooling reactor module for flow chemistry applications utilising glass static mixers and reactors. Remarkably, although not much bigger than a shoe box, this compact and portable unit can maintain reactor temperatures anywhere between -30°C and +150°C!



Flow-UV Detector

UV-Vis spectrometer for flow chemistry applications – monitor 5 wavelengths Flow-UV™ is an affordable in-line UV-Vis detector for flow chemistry applications. The high pressure flow cell uses transparent reactor tubing and may be positioned virtually anywhere in the flow path. Dispersion and steady state may be monitored at 5 user selected wavelengths in real time to assist with product collection and quality control.




The UNIQSIS Hotcoil is a versatile standalone heated reactor module that is compatible with all UNIQSIS coil reactors. Temperature range is ambient to 260°C. With a Tmax upgrade for the FlowSyn and HotCoil, the maximum operating temperature can be set to 300°C. The unit can be combined with an existing pump to build your own flow reactor system or used as an upgrade to the FlowSyn to increase throughput for scale-up applications.


Cold Coil – FlowSyn cooling module

Ideal for multi-step reactions where up to three temperature zones are required.
The FlowSyn cooling module is a stand-alone reactor module which can be used for cooling or heating. A temperature probe located inside the module ensures accurate and uniform temperatures are maintained over the course of the reaction.
When combined with FlowSyn and a recirculating chiller it can control reactions between -70°C and +150°C (depending on chiller capacity). When combined with a heating recirculator and suitable thermal fluid, it can control reactions from ambient to +150°C.



Hot Chip – Glass static mixer/reactor block heater

The UNIQSIS Hotchip is a versatile standalone heated reactor module that is compatible with all UNIQSIS glass static mixer/reactor blocks (GSMs). The unit can be combined with an existing pump or the UNIQSIS Binary Pump Module to build your own flow reactor system or used as an upgrade to the FlowSyn to increase throughput for scale-up applications.


Binary Pump Module

The FlowSyn continuous flow reactor comes with two pumping channels as standard. Adding the Binary Pump Module (BPM) increases its capacity to four channels, making it ideal for multi-component or multi-step reactions using more than two starting materials.

The BPM can also be used in combination with and controlled by any FlowSyn system. For customers who have their own reactor system, the built-in mixer, inlet/outlet selector valves and integral back pressure regulator ensure that the BPM can also function as a stand-alone reagent/solvent delivery system. For safety and peace of mind, three pressure transducers constantly monitor pressure and system performance. As a stand-alone system the BPM is controlled using dedicated PC control software. Peripherals can be attached using the BPM’s built-in coms ports.


The Gas Addition Module II (GAM II) is a coil reactor that permits gas to be introduced ‘on-demand’ to reactions performed under flow-through conditions. The gas diffuses through a length of gas-permeable DuPont AF2400 membrane tubing that runs inside the whole length of the outer coil reactor tubing containing the liquid phase. The gas and liquid phases do not come into direct contact with each other. To ensure the most efficient heat transfer, the standard outer reactor tubing is manufactured from 316 stainless steel, although other options such as thick wall PTFE, Hastelloy and PTFE-lined stainless steel are available via special order.

FlowControl™ Software

FlowControl™ enables the control of either the Uniqsis FlowSyn™ or Binary Pump™ 2-channel reagent addition module and any add-on modules (such as the HotCoil™, fraction collector, or Polar Bear Plus Flow™) from a single PC-based control panel.

  • Wireless or remote control over a local area network.
  • Automatically logs and stores real-time experiment data.
  • Saves experiment settings – archived protocols can be recalled and repeated at will.
  • Experiments can be easily scaled simply by specifying a bigger reactor.
  • Define your system configuration using a graphical flow-path representation.
  • Experiments are programmed in a chemically intuitive way
  • All background calculations (e.g. flow rates and valve switch timings) are performed automatically
  • Product collection may be either controlled by an external detector or time-based.
  • Improved throughput – loop filling for the next experiment can be begun before the current expt has finished
  • Recall and review logged data from previous experiments whilst another experiment is running.



Data Logger Software

The UNIQSIS Data Logger Software is an extremely useful accessory that allows reactions to be visualised and monitored graphically in real time. In addition to temperature and pressure traces, fraction collection can be displayed and colored to show extended product collection regions that takes into account dispersion both before and after the main reaction plug. The data can be saved and exported in a standard tsv format for import into eLNBs or Excel etc. It is supplied pre-loaded onto a laptop and requires a serial connection (cables supplied) to your FlowSyn.

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