Polar Bear Plus GSM™

The Uniqsis Polar Bear Plus GSM™ is a compact and lightweight heating and cooling reactor module designed for specialized applications. This product is easy for chemists of any skill level to operate. It provides accurate temperature control and equilibrium in flow chemistry systems featuring glass static mixers and reactors (GSM chips).

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This product variation of the Polar Bear Plus reactor platform features many of the same advantages that come standard to the rest of the line. Like the others, Polar Bear Plus glass static mixer (GSM) chip reactors are self-contained modules. They are clean and simple to maintain, with no refrigerants, solvents, cardice or heat-transfer fluids to fill. All you need is a reliable source of electricity.

These GSM heating and cooling reactor modules are also highly portable. Each unit measures just over 7 inches wide, 12 inches deep and 11 inches tall, making them about the same size or even smaller than most standard laboratory hotplate stirrers. As their standard weight is under 20 pounds, it’s easy for a single chemist to move them in and around any fume hoods and around the lab.

The Polar Bear Plus GSM makes a versatile addition to any facility. It is compatible with the complete line of Uniqsis GSMs and will connect to them easily thanks to chemically resistant seals that require only finger-tightness to function. They have an insulated PTFE cover that is easy to remove while leaving fluidic connections intact and a view window designed to remain transparent in sub-ambient temperatures.

Each module features a manual control interface that allows you to run the system on its own. You can also install the included software onto your lab computer for PC control or connect using the flow chemistry software program your laboratory already uses. These modules provide precision results in flow chemistry applications powered by the Uniqsis FlowControl II™ software package.

Users can run these reactor modules as independent units, in conjunction with a Uniqsis BPM (Binary Pump Module) or integrated into FlowSyn systems to run reactions at temperatures ranging from minus 30°C to 150°C at pressures up to 5 milliliters per minute. The internal drive will automatically track your results so you can transfer them later over Ethernet cable or using a USB connection.