FlowControl™ Software

If you own or are building a flow chemistry system using a Uniqsis FlowSyn or Binary Pump Module (BPM), you can use FlowControl II™ Software to maximize your equipment’s capabilities. This proprietary operating system is an updated version of the previous Uniqsis FlowControl™ Software. It is suitable for use with all the latest modules in their product lineup to provide you with streamlined control over research, development and experimentation.

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One of the greatest advantages of Uniqsis flow chemistry systems is their modular capability. Uniqsis FlowControl II Software provides an accessible interface that you can use to easily connect with any possible setup:

 Install the software: This software installs on your lab PC and communicates with your equipment via LAN or a dedicated Wi-Fi network.

  • Launch the menu: Upon startup, FlowControl II Software automatically detects your connected components and launches the menu.
  • Use the system: A step-by-step menu walks users through all the steps required to process single or multiple reactions from start to finish.
  • Save your data: This chemistry technology automatically tracks, logs and archives your data so you can pull it up for review and replicate protocols.

With FlowControl II Software running a two- or four-channel BPM or FlowSyn system, you can create more productive laboratory processes. This Uniqsis system control software does all your background calculations for you and programs your experiments for optimal chemical efficiency. You can use it to:

  • Define the flow path and design with a simple graphic display.
  • Switch between automatic or time-based product collection.
  • Prepare for the next experiment before the current one is complete.
  • Look up previous experiment data while the system is operating.