Polar Bear Plus Flow™

The Uniqsis Polar Bear Plus Flow™ flow synthesizer is a compact and portable heating and cooling reactor module. It operates as a standalone unit or in conjunction with other Uniqsis flow chemistry solutions, giving you more flexibility and control over your reactions.

  • Accurate temperature control for flow chemistry
  • Temperature range from -40 to +150C
  • Modular integration into Uniqsis family of products
  • Quickly achieve temperature equilibrium
  • Nitrogen purge prevents icing

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These reactors are entirely self-contained. They are also very easy for chemists of any skill level to program and operate. All the Polar Bear Plus Flow requires is a power source to get started, and there are no refrigerants, cardice, solvents or heat-transfer fluids to clean up or top off during procedures.

Measuring just under 8 inches wide, 13 inches deep and 12 inches high, the Polar Bear Plus Flow is only slightly larger than most standard hotplate stirrers — about the same size as a large shoebox. The unit weighs under 30 pounds when fully equipped, making it much easier to move in and out of fume hoods than conventional chiller units.

The Uniqsis Polar Bear Plus Flow represents a collaborative effort between the Innovative Technology Centre at Cambridge University and Cambridge Reactor Design. It uses advanced technology to give you accurate control over reactor temperatures ranging anywhere between minus 40°C and 150°C.

These products come with everything you need to operate them independently. An embedded interface walks users through the necessary steps to quickly create setpoints and initiate heating or cooling. You can also use the included PC software for control or program the unit to work with your existing flow chemistry software.

For more extensive processes, connect these heating cooling reactor modules for flow chemistry applications to a Uniqsis Binary Pump Module (BPM) or in line with a FlowSyn system. These other products will automatically detect the Polar Bear Plus Flow upon startup, allowing operation through the appropriate BPM or FlowSyn user interface.

Using the preferred software, chemists can use the Polar Bear Plus Flow to bring reaction temperatures into equilibrium, with the lowest temperatures achievable within about 30 minutes. They can also run experiments, log performance data, and use the USB or Ethernet ports to transfer all the saved data to a PC for extensive review.

Polar Bear Plus Flow modules are customizable and compatible with a wide range of accessories for the optimal setup. Our team can help you get all the power and performance you need from yours with:

  • Single-or multiple coil reactors.
  • GSM (glass static mixer) chips.
  • De-icing nitrogen-purge technology.
  • Additional pumps and fraction collectors.