PhotoSyn™ LED Photoreactor

The Uniqsis PhotoSyn™ is a high-power LED light source for continuous flow applications. This product lets chemists quickly and easily perform an array of photochemical reactions. It has a scalable flow that you can set to yield anywhere from quantities measured in milligrams to several hundred grams per day.

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LED Functionality
Reactor Compatibility

The PhotoSyn lamp module features twin, large-format LED panels curved to face inward toward the coil reactor. This design ensures that all projected light remains contained within the unit, delivering maximum photon intensity and eliminating any harmful safety risks associated with exposure. If a user attempts to remove the PhotoSyn from the reactor while the panel is illuminated, automatic safety locks turn the lights off and prevent leakage.

These systems all operate using variable, 220/110V, 50/60Hz programmable power supplies that come included. You can adjust them between 10% and 100% to achieve your desired brightness levels. The power supply will automatically adjust during operation and modulate the power output to help the LEDs last as long as possible. An internal convective cooling fan circulates the generated heat to keep temperatures cooler inside the reactor cavity during operation.

Three wavelength configurations come standard, and you can easily switch between them to perform virtually any photochemistry reaction:

  • Blue: All-blue mode activates 260 individual, 1W, 455nm blue LEDs — ideal for photoredox applications.
  • Blue-green-white: This mode uses a mix of 455nm blue, 530nm green and 420nm-to-700nm white LEDs.
  • UVA-blue: In UVA-blue mode, PhotoSyn uses a combination of 455nm blue and 365nm UVA LEDs.

Depending on the custom design, the LED arrays can be water- or gas-cooled. They also feature thermal cutouts that help them stay below 60°C during operation. Custom panel configurations made using LEDs in different wavelengths are also available.

PhotoSyn LED photoreactor lamp modules are compatible with two separate Uniqsis reactor modules. These include reactors designed into FlowSyn™ systems and reactors combined with a Uniqsis Binary Pump Module (BPM) as part of a modular flow chemistry system.

Compatible reactors include:

  • Cold Coil Mk II™: The Cold Coil Mk II is an independent reactor module specifically designed for simple integration with PhotoSyn systems. Systems using a Cold Coil Mk II must be combined with a recirculating air chiller.
  • Polar Bear Plus Flow™: The advanced Uniqsis Polar Bear Plus Flow is a portable, compact and self-contained heating and cooling reactor module. These models include an adapter ring that must be installed to make the connection.