Metering Pumps

Fuji Techno has been producing high performance pumps and peripherals pumps since 1955.  Based in Japan, their high pressure, pulseless metering pumps provide highly stable flow rates to exceed the requirements of precision delivery of reagents to flow chemistry reaction systems.

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Metering Pumps Range

Fuji Super Metering Pumps are pulse-free metering pumps that can deliver extremely high pressures and very stable flow rates, making them highly suitable for building scalable continuous processes. Using 3 pistons instead of 2, their design allows for an ultra-precise 0.1% reproducibility factor throughout their flow range.  The flow rate is perfectly proportional to pump speed and is not impacted by change in viscosity.

Fuji offers five series of Super Metering Pumps for pumping and dosing applications in small-scale production through full-scale manufacturing.

  • High accuracy & stability (±0.1%) results in ultra-precise feeding
  • Flow volume directly proportional to pump rotation
  • Wide temperature ranges
  • Can feed corrosive liquid
  • Can feed low and high viscosity liquid
  • Can feed under low or high pressure
  • Purging and cleaning options
  • Stable flow volume even with variations in suction, discharge pressure, and viscosity

Name Flow Rate Range
Low High Units Pressure Limit (bar)
HYM 15.3 108.0 ml/min 147
HYS-A 0.1 2.3 l/min 980
HYS-B 1.0 15.8 ml/min 147
HYS-C 1.0 35.6 l/min 147
HYS-D 1.0 117.8 l/min 147
HYS-C* 0.1 35.6 l/min 2,000

All head types are either 316SS, Hastelloy or Titanium