Data Logger Software

The Uniqsis Data Logger Software Package is an advanced accessory for use with FlowSyn flow chemistry systems. This technology lets chemists and researchers visualize and monitor chemical reactions in real time.

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This software system comes preloaded onto an included laptop. The entire setup is compact and quickly connects to a FlowSyn flow chemistry system using the supplied serial cables. Once the system syncs, Data Logger provides the user with a full-color graphical display that they can use to view a wide range of valuable data.

Each data marker receives a color designation that makes it easy to track, and the software automatically calculates for pre- and post-reaction dispersion for additional accuracy. Once the experiment is complete, users can use the software to save and export the information easily. Files save in standard tab-separated value (TSV) format for simple uploading to an electronic lab notebook, into an Excel file or in your preferred compatible database.

The information delivered by Data Logger helps users of any skill level better track chemical reactions. It proves useful for improving results and enhancing resource utilization efficiency by providing access to valuable data such as:

  • Coil temperature
  • System pressure
  • Fraction collection
  • Flow path stability
  • Pump performance
  • Flow reactor condition