HotChip™ GSM Heater Module

The Uniqsis HotChip™ GSM Heater Module is an independent reactor module for heating glass static mixer (GSM) chip reactors. This product is compatible with the entire line of Uniqsis GSMs for precise temperature control in a wide range of heterogeneous and homogeneous chemical reactions.

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HotChip is a compact reactor module that you can use to add efficient, controlled and turbulent mixing capabilities to your lab processes. These devices are simple to use as standalone devices or in conjunction with other Uniqsis products for added performance. You can combine them with a Binary Pump Module to create a custom flow reactor or attach yours in-line to a FlowSyn modular flow chemistry system as a laboratory upgrade.

Each HotChip GSM Heater Module has enough space to hold two smaller chips or one larger one, depending on how much residence time your reactions need. You can program them to maintain an accurate temperature using simple push-to-set controls, via wireless network or through your LAN. They also pair with FlowControl™ software.

In the standard design, these units will reach and hold operating temperatures up to 225°C. If your reactions require hotter conditions, a model that reaches 260°C is available. Thanks to a bright LED screen, whatever temperature you set remains highly visible. Users can easily monitor increasing, decreasing and steady-state temperatures from outside the fume hood.