Hybrid Reactors

Some processes warrant a more industrial approach or have Reactor Vessel temperature and jacket pressure requirements better suited with alternative materials.  Sentinel Process Systems can design and supply “Hybrid” Systems with Reactor Vessels fabricated with a variety of materials such as Hastelloy, Glass Lined Steel or any other Exotic Alloy using Process Glass Overheads for product purity with excellent visual suitable for any process. Sentinel uses a unique “process plant” approach when designing our systems and approaching our projects. Suitability of the equipment for the application, Pressure, Temperature, Operator Safety, and Ergonomic usage are just some of the design considerations our engineers incorporate.

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  • Reduced time to temperature in ASME jacketed reactor vessels.
  • Key Process Glass components allow high purity along with process observation.
  • Sentinel GlassFlare – Unique system of PFA plastic valves and tubing to ensure high purity and operator safety.
  • Designs provide for improved safety and ease of use for operators.

  • Jacketed Glass Lined Steel or “High Alloy” Reactors allow the use of high pressure thermal fluids and provide excellent heat transfer
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range of -90°C to 350°C – excellent for cryogenic reactions
  • Our standard design has “Dry Running” Single or Double Mechanical Seals in a heavy duty Industrial Agitator & Drive Systems
  • Process Borosilicate Glass Cover, Jacketed Condenser, and Graduated Feed & Receiver Vessels
  • cGMP designs with minimal hold-up or cross contamination
  • Fully automated with control valves, data acquisition, metered feeds and process recipe management
  • Available with Polished Stainless Steel Structural Frame and Heavy Duty Locking Casters for optimum mobility
  • Available with an Integrated Lift Mechanism – Maximum Flexibility for a Variety of Lab Hoods or “Environmental Chambers”