Kilolabs - Pilot Plant Equipment

Sentinel Flow Chemistry Systems and Support:

We assist our customers in the pharmaceutical industry and provide them with comprehensive flow chemistry process systems, reactor designs  and engineering  solutions that capture  the benefits of developing flow chemistry processes to reduce costs and improve productivity.
We do this by engaging the world’s leading experts in flow chemistry systems along with our 30 years of experience in supplying engineering solutions for complex pilot plants.



Continuous Benchtop Flow Systems
 Uniqsis makes flow chemistry 
accessible to novices while 
at the same time catering for 
multi-step and automated reactions 


Scalable Industrial Flow Reactors
 Chemtrix supplies continuous flow 
reactors that can be scaled from lab(g/min) to production(tons/day) using proprietary 
micro and meso flow channel design.


AM Technology:

Mechanically Agitated Flow Reactor 
AM Technology systems handle slurries
and novel reactions that require plug flow 
at any throughput. Innovative mixing cells
provides up to 10 CSTRs in series.


Synthetron Spinning Disk Reactors, 
High Shear and High Heat Transfer Spinning
 Disk Reactors that employ dynamic mixing for
maximum process intensification of highly 
exothermic and “fast” reactions.



Precision Metering Pumps for Flow Chemistry 
Fuji Techno provides high pressure, pulse-less
metering pumps that exceeds the requirements
of precision delivery of reagents to flow chemistry
reaction systems.

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