FlowSyn and FlowSyn Multi-X

The FlowSyn is an entry level continuous reactor system designed for small scale single reactions.  One can run reactions up to 260°C (300°C with special enhancements), 200 bar pressure, and residence times that vary from 1.5 seconds to over 3 hours.  It is a fully integrated, 2 channel benchtop continuous flow reactor that combines 2 high pressure pump channels and 2 reactor modules in a single compact unit. FlowSyn’s high resolution user interface quickly guides you through the process of setting up and running flow chemistry reactions either automatically or by manual control. 

When operating in automatic mode, the unit can ensure that critical experiment parameters remain within defined limits and can easily be reconfigured for a variety of experiments. Pump performance is constantly monitored and the user is alerted to any safety conditions that could arise from plugged lines or exothermic reactions.  One can add additional reactor coils to increase reactor volume and residence times.  For even higher throughputs, five times greater than the standard FlowSyn, one can upgrade to the FlowSyn Maxi.

The FlowSyn Multi-X uses the FlowSyn flow chemistry system platform and pairs with a single or four-rack fraction collector. The Uniqsis FlowSyn Multi-X makes running multiple experiments easy — and provides you with valuable results that you can use to improve your reactions. This product is developed by chemists for chemists and represents the latest innovative concepts packaged in a convenient modular platform you can customize to match your needs.

You can operate these programmable systems independently or using a PC to run up to 10 simultaneous experiments, with the option to remain present or leave them unattended. Results are delivered as steady-state samples and fractions, letting you modify residence time, temperature and stoichiometry to optimize reactions.

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FlowSyn multi-experiment packages come in four standard configuration options. Our team can help you determine which provides the ideal chemical compatibility to match your particular application. You can select from:

  • PEEK and PTFE: Systems with a flow path made using PEEK (polyether ether ketone) and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) offer chemical resistance. They can handle 1,000-psi maximum pressures and have coil and column temperatures that reach 260°C and 150°C, respectively.
  • All PTFE: A FlowSyn system made using only PTFE will provide excellent chemical resistance. This configuration is ideal for caustic reactions requiring lower pressures and temperatures. It has a 300-psi maximum limit and coils and columns that will withstand a high of 150°C.
  • PTFE and 316 stainless steel: These systems feature low-pressure components made using PTFE with the remainder composed of 316 stainless steel. They provide very good chemical resistance, excellent performance under pressure (1,400 psi) and operate at coil/column temps up to 260°C/150°C.
  • PTFE and Hastelloy®: A FlowSyn Multi-experiment package made using PTFE and Hastelloy delivers the greatest overall performance. These configurations provide many of the same advantages as systems made using stainless steel, with the added benefit of excellent chemical resistance.

These systems are customizable to match your purposes. You can optimize yours with multiple accessories that include:

  • Cold chemistry accessories: You can customize a FlowSyn Multi-X for cold chemistry. Options include Cold Coil MkII™ heating and cooling modules, Cold Coil rector modules with space for a GSM, Polar Bear™ high-performance chiller units or Polar Bear Plus Flow™ advanced modules.
  • Gas chemistry accessories: Add a Uniqsis Gas Addition Module I to your system to safely and easily introduce a wide range of different gases directly into your reaction solvent. You can also select a Gas Addition Module II for on-demand gas introduction inside the reactor.
  • FlowControl II™: FlowControl II software connects to your FlowSyn Multi-X via LAN or Wi-Fi. You can use it to access a wide range of customizable data and it saves all your procedural data and results automatically, simplifying repeat experiments.
  • Logging and reporting package: The logging and reporting package is a recommended accessory regardless of the experiment or user experience level, as it provides you with real-time access to data and simplified options for generating reports.