The Uniqsis HotCoil™ is a heated coil reactor that is easy to use as a standalone unit or connect to run in line with practically any commercial flow chemistry system. These products come equipped with everything you need to get started, with simple controls chemists operating at any capacity can quickly master to improve chemical reaction speed and consistency.

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The HotCoil is a low-cost heated coil reactor unit that you can use to scale your operations. Users can program these modules to reach and hold temperatures up to 260°C using push-to-set rotary controls. A highly visible LED display lets you keep a constant eye on status, including whether the system is heating up, cooling down, ready to use or safe to handle.

HotCoil heated coil reactor units are customizable to match your operating requirements. You can select from different coil sizes to process the appropriate volume and choose from various base materials that include PTFE, stainless steel, PFA and Hastelloy® for the right amount of chemical resistance. All HotCoil coil reactors feature a PTFE containment tray that is easy to keep clean.

These units are compact, lightweight and only require a source of electricity, making them easy to move around the lab. They are standard equipment on Uniqsis FlowSyn systems and compatible with the entire line of FlowSyn coil reactors. You can also configure them for use with a Binary Pump Module (BPM) or FlowControl II™ system control software for added versatility.

HotCoil units capable of raising and maintaining reaction temperatures up to 300°C are also available as an option. If you’re looking to process more reactions at once, you can modify yours by including the Uniqsis HotColumn™. With the HotColumn, you can attach up to six 10-, 15- or 20-millimeter column reactors while keeping a constant view of the reactor bed.