About Kilolabs

What We Do

For more than 22 years, Sentinel Process Systems, Inc., has been developing highly advanced technological solutions to help customers overcome their most difficult challenges. In our Kilolabs business unit, we design and build top-quality chemical process pilot plant equipment for use in kilolabs and pilot plants.

Our staff consists of highly skilled engineers who offer significant value to our customers thanks to their years of real industrial process plant experience. They bring their considerable expertise to bear on every project we take on, which gives us the ability to fully customize solutions to our customers’ unique needs. With Kilolabs, you never get a cookie-cutter solution — you get a tailor-made system that takes all your specific requirements into account.

Our Mission Statement

Sentinel Process Systems, Inc. will create value for our customers by effectively deploying state of the art technologies and materials to improve their processing capabilities and facilities. We will deliver performance through outstanding customer service, enterprise technology and professionally delivered technical sales and support.

Customization — Our Differentiator

Unlike other manufacturers that are simply out to sell products they build through plain vanilla catalogs, our customized chemical process pilot plant design solutions are all based on our unique market position as an innovative integrator of independent systems. This means we serve our clients’ needs by first carefully assessing the challenges and more importantly the specifications of their projects and then exploring the best possible solutions that meet all their demands in terms of scope, technology, timeline, budget and materials of construction.

The chemical pilot plant and flow chemistry equipment we use on any given project is hand-picked from the product lines of a wide variety of world-class technology manufacturers by our professional and experienced engineering team. This results in a chemical process pilot plant and/or kilo lab that operates precisely to the specifications of our client. In addition, we strive to provide our clients with systems that are intentionally built with locally stocked, easily accessed standard U.S. components.

Plus, since we supply so many process components to chemical and pharmaceutical production facilities, we also provide 24/7 service and support for all the systems we design and products we sell.

The unique benefits of our service include:

  • Provide top-quality customized chemical pilot plants and components that seamlessly match each customer’s needs
  • Provide technical expertise to improve chemical research evaluations
  • Assist in process quality enhancements
  • Support increased levels of productivity
  • Create systems that are easy to use
  • Help meet all process-related regulatory compliance issues

Products We Sell

We sell systems and products in the following categories:

  • Process glass reactors featuring lifting and lowering structures, pressure reactor and cryogenic units
  • Process glass filters featuring tilt, separate or clamshell tops to support the effective removal of solids
  • Hybrid process reactors incorporating process glassware, Hastelloy, glass-lined steel or other exotic alloys
  • Scrubbers to control vapors and gasses in a safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner
  • Kilolab support equipment such as phase separators, cleaning carts, sampling devices, valve assemblies and more

Industries We Serve

We’re a value-adding supplier of advanced chemical pilot plant components. As such, we serve the equipment needs of manufacturing industries with a high level of sanitary regulations — including but not limited to food, cosmetics, biotech, pharmaceutical and high-purity chemical sectors.

For more information about any of our world-class products or services, please contact us today.


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