About Us

Sentinel Process Systems, Inc. is committed to working with you and our partners to effectively deliver innovative technologies and engineered solutions that positively impact our customers’ operations. Across multiple strategic locations, Sentinel’s facilities total to over 14,000 square feet utilized as office, warehouse, and fabrication space by an outstanding staff. Our ISO Class 7 Cleanroom allows us to fabricate standard and custom single-use solutions from tube and bag assemblies, bulk tubing and components.  Sentinel’s key differentiator is our expertise with the engineered products, technologies, and allied goods represented by us and used extensively in the field. Sentinel continues to innovate with these products and enhance our services to satisfy the needs and expectations of all our valued customers.


The original “Sentinel Glass Company” was started back in 1950 as an exclusive Corning Glass Works Distributor. Even then, we were distributing “high purity solutions” and solving process challenges with unique products and systems. Since our inception, Sentinel Process Systems, Inc. has delivered high quality and technologically advanced products to help our customers overcome their most difficult hurdles. Today Sentinel is well known as a specialty and value adding Distributor and Fabricator of High Purity Valves, Process Instrumentation, Single Use Products, Process Hose, and Fittings. As a technical sales organization we primarily serve Sanitary Manufacturing Industries – Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Cosmetics, Food, and High Purity Chemical. Our customers, primarily located in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions, confidently look to Sentinel for the services and solutions we promise.

Sentinel Process Systems – Kilolabs Relationship

Sentinel Process Systems, Inc. distributes and fabricates high quality process solutions. In 1950, the company began by providing Corning’s Pyrex Process Glass products to the growing chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Since its inception, Sentinel has delivered our high quality and technologically advanced products to help customers overcome their most difficult hurdles.

In 1980, Sentinel began designing and building reaction systems to support our manufacturer and help our customers. In 2000, we launched Sentinel’s KiloLab.com brand and website to provide highly engineered, customized reaction systems and equipment to North America. By leveraging our high-powered distribution business, we deliver our manufacturers’ products as well as Sentinel’s custom fabrications and systems. Our Engineering Sales team is supported by our internal application engineers as well as Sentinel’s high powered, state of the art, back end – the distribution operation.

Through our “KiloLabs” brand, our technical team and our manufacturer partners collaborate with chemists and chemical engineers to provide reaction equipment for both Batch and Continuous Flow applications. Our KiloLabs equipment options are ideal for the R&D lab and the Kilo Lab, as well as Pilot and Production facilities.

Kilolabs Philosophy

For over 30 years Sentinel Process Systems and the Kilolabs Business Unit has been providing process system integration for the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Potent Compounds and Specialty Compounds. Our goal is to work with our clients to help them design and build the custom solution that optimizes their required process. Unlike a single manufacturer, Kilolabs offers customers more choices in design and material through our network of manufacturer partners. As a small business we offer flexibility and service that only an independent provider can offer.

Whether you use Continuous Flow Chemistry or Batch Processing, Kilolabs offers creative technology and designs to meet most any application for R&D, Pharmaceutical, Laboratory or Academia. Our many years of experience serving these markets gives us the insight and expertise to help our clients develop the best solution in the quickest turnaround time.

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As a distributor and fabricator of high-purity equipment, Sentinel Process Systems helps solve a variety of process challenges facing the high-purity manufacturing industry. With a large portfolio of partners and a high level of industry expertise, we help our customers overcome process difficulties and optimize operations quickly and conveniently.