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Sentinel Process Systems, Inc. distributes and fabricates high quality process solutions. In 1950, the company began by providing Corning’s Pyrex Process Glass products to the growing chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Since its inception, Sentinel has delivered our high quality and technologically advanced products to help customers overcome their most difficult hurdles.

In 1980, Sentinel began designing and building reaction systems to support our manufacturer and help our customers. In 2000, we launched Sentinel’s brand and website to provide highly engineered, customized reaction systems and equipment to North America. By leveraging our high-powered distribution business, we deliver our manufacturers’ products as well as Sentinel’s custom fabrications and systems. Our Engineering Sales team is supported by our internal application engineers as well as Sentinel’s high powered, state of the art, back end – the distribution operation.

Through our “KiloLabs” brand, our technical team and our manufacturer partners collaborate with chemists and chemical engineers to provide reaction equipment for both Batch and Continuous Flow applications. Our KiloLabs equipment options are ideal for the R&D lab and the Kilo Lab, as well as Pilot and Production facilities.


Flow Chemistry

We provide comprehensive flow chemistry process systems, reactor designs and engineering solutions that capture the benefits of developing flow chemistry processes to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Kilolabs & Pilot Plants

We conceive, design build and deliver kilolabs and pilot plants to meet customer specifications. Our designs employ glass and glass lined vessels with overhead condensers, heat transfer systems and process controls.

Industry Expertise and Value Added Services

At Sentinel Process Systems, we offer more than high-quality products. We’re committed to providing excellent service for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, from initial consultation through product delivery. We’ve been distributing high-purity solutions since 1950, and we put our industry expertise to work for every customer.  Whether you use batch processing or continuous flow processing we can help you solve your challenges and improve your process.

Start Solving Your Process Challenges Today

As a distributor and fabricator of high-purity equipment, Sentinel Process Systems helps solve a variety of process challenges facing the high-purity manufacturing industry. With a large portfolio of partners and a high level of industry expertise, we help our customers overcome process difficulties and optimize operations quickly and conveniently.