Flow-UV Detector

The Uniqsis Flow-UV Detector is an in-line UV-Vis spectrometer that you can use to monitor dispersion experiments in real time. Flow-UV is compatible with virtually any flow chemistry system and easy for users at any experience level to operate thanks to its intuitive controls and simple connections.

Uniqsis Flow-UV is a portable and compact spectrometer suitable for any lab. It is the ideal piece of equipment for precision control over UV-directed product and fraction collection according to reaction steady-state conditions. You can position this unit anywhere in the flow path for immediate access to information like reaction consistency, particle size, and particle separation or agglomeration.

This affordable in-line UV-Vis detector allows researchers to easily view wavelengths measuring between 200 and 1,100 nanometers — even in high-pressure systems up to 30 bar pressure. Chemists and researchers can watch the creation of products and byproducts and monitor reagent disappearance all in one convenient graphical display.

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Each system consists of three primary components:

  • A laptop: Flow-UV laptops come with built-in software that you can use to set, plot and save up to five separate wavelengths. Using a dedicated Wi-Fi connection, you can view UV signatures, adjust strobe intensity and engage the option to view the results against a blank control on the same screen.
  • A spectrophotometer: The spectrophotometer is what takes and transmits measurement data. This device is lightweight, compact and fits into even the most crowded fume cabinets. It features a maintenance-free 3468 enhanced UV pixel CCD array powered by a Xenon lamp rated to deliver a 10-year lifespan.
  • A flow cell: The flow cell is a small device that runs out from, and back to, the spectrophotometer. This component features durable PFA tubing that runs the length of the device. The tubing prevents fluid contact with any metal components or the incipient and receiving electrical connections.

The Flow-UV detector is suited for use in any research, academic or commercial application. Additional options and accessories are also available to meet unique needs, including a Tungsten light source for taking near-IR measurements.