PSL Filter Dryers



PSL – Lab Filter Dryers


Key Features of PSL Filter Dryers

  • For both small-scale process development to large-scale manufacturing
  • Ergonomically designed filtration and drying solutions
  • Optional integrated containment systems
  • Simultaneous agitation and inert gas drying

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Filter-Dryers are unit operations that combine the function of filtration with drying. They are not just filters that dry (this occurs when an inert gas is passed over a wet cake sitting on a nutche filter and is not repeatable). A filter-dryer incorporates both unit operations via the use of low RPM, high torque agitator that turns over the solids in the cake to facilitate faster, more thorough and repeatable drying. In the PSL lab and production scale systems, the agitator can be set via recipe to a specific depth within the cake in order to exactly quantify drying within a batch. And with the use of the programmed automation features, these specific multiple height settings and agitation speed can be repeated from batch to batch to provide the exact same drying profile with each experiment or production run

What sets PSL small scale filter dryers apart is that the automation functions are incorporated into the small dryers we offer. Thus, data that is a function of defined experimentation (agitator height, RPM, inert drying gas flow) can be captured for scale-up.


PSL Filter Dryers


Lab Scale PSL Agitated Glass Filter Dryers – Series 010, 050 and 500

  • Option for manual or programmable automated operation.
  • Glass vessel with jacket up to 100C and differential pressure of 1.5 bar.
  • Removable filter basket containing solids product
  • Slurry volume 300 ml (series 10), 2 liters (series 050), 10 liters (series 500).
  • Choice of materials for basket and filter media
  • Pore size range from 5 to 40 microns in small size increments
  • Easy to use – plug and play installation
  • 316 SS Vessel and Basket capable of 4 bar pressure option.


PSL Agitated Filter Dryer: Kilo-lab to Commercial Scale

  • Vessel volume of 20 to 2,500 liters and corresponding cake volumes of 8 to 1,000 liters
  • Aseptic/Sterile Filter Dryers
  • Highly efficient drying with heated filter plate and heated agitator
  • Tapered filter plate and seal design results in industry leading minimum product retention
  • Easy cleaning with Clean-in-place (CIP) and Steam-in-place (SIP) design
  • cGMP documentation.
  • Differential mixing agitator achieves homogeneity and uniformed drying even with difficult cakes
  • Internal dust collector
  • Tiltable design option


PSL Simple Filters

  • Vessel volume range 50 to 130 liters / (no agitation)
  • Filtration area of 0.125 to 0.300 square meters
  • Continuous liner discharge chute
  • Containment with nitrogen purged glove bag
  • Jacketed
  • Easy product removal, easily replaceable filtration media
  • Portable
  • Vessel pressure range from full vacuum to 4 bar.
  • Jacket pressure range from full vacuum to 6 bar.
  • Vessel and Jacket Temp range of -25 to +150C
  • Various pore sizes and filter media upon request
  • MOC options: 316 SS, Alloy 22, PFA Coated Carbon Steel

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