Uniqsis FlowLab Plus™ Modular Flow Chemistry Systems

Uniqsis FlowLab Plus

The Uniqsis FlowLab Plus™ is a versatile flow chemistry system you can modify to match the size and scope that your applications demand. These flexible and high-performance solutions are suited for use in an array of process research chemistry applications.

Customizable Flow Chemistry Systems

These systems operate as standalone units via a dedicated Wi-Fi connection or using Uniqsis software systems. Depending on your custom design, they can process reactions in manual or automated operations. 

Configured for the Right Chemical Compatibility

You can configure the flow path using four material options to get started:

  • Stainless steel: Configurations built using 316 stainless steel components are the standard models. These units provide an excellent balance between chemical resistance and pressure range (up to 1,000 max psi). They can process concentrated sulfuric and nitric acids and operate at temperatures up to 260°C.
  • PTFE: A FlowLab Plus made using PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is suitable for applications requiring the highest chemical resistance, as this material is especially resistant to concentrated sulfuric and fuming nitric acids. These systems handle operating temperatures up to 150°C and pressure limits up to 300 psi.
  • PEEK: Systems made from PEEK (polyether ether ketone) are cost-effective entry-level setups. A PEEK FlowLab Plus can operate at temperatures up to 260°C and pressures up to 1,000 psi, but may be unsuitable for use with certain acids. Our team can help you determine if this is an appropriate option.
  • Hastelloy®: FlowLab Plus systems with flow paths made using Hastelloy offer the best chemical resistance. These units are suitable for operating at the highest pressures as well. They can withstand up to 1,400 psi and safely process reactions at temperatures up to 260°C.

Additional Customization Options

With the right accessories included in your FlowLab Plus, you can program yours to run multiple experiments for full automation. You can also modify your system to operate at temperatures as high as 300°C and as low as minus 40°C to meet your needs.

FlowLab Plus systems are built using the Uniqsis Binary Pump Module (BPM) as a base platform. The BPM is a two-channel module for delivering reagents. You can use a single BPM, choose to add another BPM or include extra standalone pumps for additional capability.

These modular flow chemistry systems will support a total of four reactors. Options for cold chemistry applications include Cold Coil Mk II™, Polar Bear™ and Polar Bear Plus Flow™ modules. You can select from the Gas Addition Module I (GAM I), the GAM I Plus or the GAM II for gas chemistry applications.

Other options include adding a Flow-UV™ UV-Vis detector for real-time dispersion monitoring, FlowControl II™ system software (required for systems running three or four channels and units including a fraction collector) and the Auto-LF II™ automated reagent filling system.

Explore the FlowLab Plus Modular Flow Chemistry System

To learn more about the FlowLab plus, talk to our team. At Kilolabs, we provide the commercial, academic and pharmaceutical industries with advanced chemistry equipment — and have been doing so for over 30 years. Talk to our team about the specific goals you want to achieve with your system, and we’ll help you build your custom design.

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