Binary Pump Modules

Uniqsis Binary Pump Module

The Uniqsis Binary Pump Module (BPM) is a flexible reagent delivery device. These units are suitable for use as a standalone system for two-channel operation, or you can use them as upgrades to any FlowSyn modular flow chemistry system and double your output to four identical channels.

Versatile Dual-Channel Reagent Delivery Modules

BPMs are the ideal modular lab system for performing multistep or multicomponent chemical reactions with more than two materials to mix. Their standard design operates at pressures up to 1,400 psi (100 bar), and you can upgrade to get twice the performance with a high-pressure option that handles 2,800 psi (200 bar). 10ml/min and 50ml/min heads are both available.

With these products, you can also customize the flow path to your preference. Stainless Steel, PTFE and Hastelloy® are all available options, with each material offering different advantages:

  • Stainless steel: 316L stainless steel is the standard option. These flow paths provide excellent chemical resistance in a range of conditions.
  • PTFE: PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) flow paths are better suited for reactions at lower temperatures and offer excellent chemical resistance.
  • Hastelloy®: Ideal for high-performance, high-pressure settings. These deliver the highest chemical resistance at all temperatures and pressures.

Regardless of which material you select for your flow path, all BPMs feature a durable outer casing made from epoxy-coated stainless steel.

Additional Features and Options

Uniqsis Binary Pump Modules weigh just over 40 pounds. You can configure yours to operate using a 220-volt 1100VA or 110-volt 1800VA power supply and use them wherever you have just over a square foot of available space. 

Each comes with dedicated software for operation during a standalone setting, which you can use to program automated sequences. When connected to a FlowSyn system, they rely on the user-friendly FlowSyn software interface.

Other product advantages and benefits include:

  • Automatic air bubble detection.
  • Integrated in-line mixing modules.
  • Chemically resistant injection valves.
  • Sample loops and inlet/outlet selection valves.
  • In-line priming ports and pressure transducers.

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