Lab Reactor

The Corning® Lab Reactor has a metal free process fluid path that features a patented heart-cell channel design. The channel design provides outstanding mixing, heat exchange, as well as durability in most chemical systems. The reactor’s fluidic module is made of Corning specialty glass, providing a transparent window for chemists to see what’s happening inside. In addition, its “plug and play” open system includes data monitoring and storage, and easily connects with process analytical technology (PAT).

The Corning Lab Reactor has a tunable LED irradiation source, with 6 different wavelengths and LED lighting intensity higher than 100 mW/cm2 with efficient light penetration with both sides of glass fluidic module illuminated. It also has an extended LED lifetime due to efficient liquid cooling and wireless control of wavelength selection and intensity.

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Corning Advanced-Flow Reactors are industry-leading, disruptive innovations that can help change the way chemicals are made. AFR enables inherently safer, efficient continuous manufacturing while significantly reducing cost, footprint, and environmental impact. Corning provides high quality product and process solutions for the seamless scale-up from lab to commercial mass productions of pharmaceutical intermediates, fine and specialty chemicals, as well as new material synthesis.

  • Plug and play open system including data monitoring
  • Ready to start, with thermostat integrated
  • Up to 3 liquid lines, 1 gas line and a back pressure regulator for pressure control
  • High chemical durability due to a full metal free system
  • Outstanding mixing and heat exchange with patented HEART design
  • Low internal volume
  • Seamless scale-up with other Advanced-Flow™ Reactor products
  • The reactor is available with the option of a third liquid dosing line, a second glass fluidic module or a lab photo reactor module to meet your requirements.

  • Dimensions: (L x W x H): 17.7” x 18.9” x 20.5” (45 x 48 x 52 cm)
  • Pressure: Up to 18 barg
  • Materials: Glass PFA/PTFE, glass, perfluoroelastomer
  • Fluidic Module Size: 6.1” x 4.9” (155 x 125 mm)
  • Fluidic module: 2.7 ml internal volume
  • Temperature: -40°C to 200°C
  • Flow rate: 2 to 10 ml/min