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Process Valves

Sentinel is a market leader in supplying valves to the process industries. Our engineers will help you specify the proper materials and valve type for all your applications. Our valve products range includes ANSI 150# and 300# PFA Lined Alloy Ball and Butterfly Valves, 316L and Hastelloy Sanitary Diaphragm and Ball Valves. Sentinel is also proud to be an authorized Distributor for Duker Bottom Outlet Valves. We also offer solid PTFE valves, Solid Plastic Ball and Diaphragm valves, as well as Gemu’s PFA Flare Tek valves, which couples to our own unique Glass Flare System.


Key Features
  • Corrosive Application Valves
    • PFA Lined Metals, Glass, or Solid PFA Flare Style
    • ANSI 150# and 300# Flange Bolting
  • High Purity Application Valves
    • 316L, Hastelloy, PVDF, PP, PTFE or PFA
    • Tri Clamp, Butt-weld, Plastic Fusion or Flare
  • Utility Application Valves
    • 316L, Bronze/Brass, Plastics
    • Threaded, Compression, Flanged, Spigot Weld, Tri-Clamp
  • Glass Lined Bottom Outlet Valves (BOV)
    • Manual or Fully automated with RTD and Stainless Steel Actuator
    • Bellows Sealed for maximum product containment
    • GMP “Gap Free Design” – cleanest flush bottom valve available
    • Outlet Sizes from 1 ½” – 6”

For over 6 decades Sentinel has help our clients determine the best valve choice for their most demanding applications. Put us to the test TODAY!

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