Process Components We Offer


Process Glassware:

Sentinel’s origins, dating back to 1950, are in the specification and supply of Borosilicate 3.3 Pipe, Fittings, Vessels, Columns, and Heat Exchangers. These standard catalog items are offered in addition to a full range of custom designed and manufactured components.


Our valve products range from ANSI 150# and 300# PFA Lined Alloy Ball and Butterfly Valves to Hastelloy Ball Valves. We also offer customers solid PTFE valves, PFA Diaphragm and 316L Sanitary Valves.




Our pump products handle solids, slurries, or meter process materials. We can provide a full range of PTFE, PFA and other Diaphragm, Peristaltic and Metering Pumps for your processing needs.

Glass Flare System:

Sentinel’s Proprietary glass flare systems eliminate hold up and contamination in the interconnecting piping, addition, and transfer lines of our process system designs. These systems have been shown to improve the operator experience around Process Glassware.



Chemical Sampling:

We offer PFA Lined and Hastelloy Reactor and Pipeline Sampling equipment. These unique products provide excellent tools to monitor process and reactor conditions.

PFA/PTFE Tube and Fittings:

We maintain inventories of a variety of PFA/PTFE Tube and fittings to help customers enhance current systems or create new ones easily. Call us for quick turnaround and supply.