Pilot Plant Reactors

Process Glass Reactors:

See the latest 20L and above “All Glass” reactor technologies from Sentinel. We build systems with Lifting and Lowering Structures, Cryogenic (-60°C), and Pressure (1bar) Reactor Units. Versatility with a view

“Hybrid” Process Reactors:

A reactor systems which incorporates Process Glassware and Hastelloy, Glass Lined Steel or any other Exotic Alloys. Utilize full house utilities with ASME rated pressure jackets to get more rapid heat transfer.



Process Glass Filters:

Sentinel can provide your team with a cost effective high visibility separation vessel or process filter. We have units which Tilt/Separate or, are provided with “Clam Shell” tops to effective separate and remove solids.


Our units provide a safe and cost effective way to help control process vapors or gases. Sentinel’s basic Scrubber Units can be a first step to remove or neutralize those substances harmful to the environment.



Sentinel’s Unique Technologies:

After nearly 60 years helping customers in the Chemical Process industries, Sentinel has developed some interesting and cost effective solutions to transition materials, provide easy access and minimize process hold-up and cross contamination.

Kilolab Support Equipment:

Sentinel has been able to help Kilolab or Pilot Plant operators work more easily, by providing Cleaning Carts, Phase Separators, Valve Assemblies, and Sampling Devices. Click here to see some innovative ideas.