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About Steroglass  

Steroglass is a 50 year old Italian company who has manufactured Roto-Vaps for over 12 years. Their highly engineered products represent substantial improvements to the existing designs found in the marketplace. Together, we offer both a standard 20L unit and a 50L unit; however both versions offer the flexibility of using a wide variety of evaporation vessels. For example, the Strike 5000 as standard uses a 50L but is designed to also use a 100L evaporation vessel and the Strike 2000 can utilize a 6L, 10L or 20L vessel with no other equipment changes required.


For more information visit:

Steroglass Website

Industrial Scale Rotary Evaporators by Steroglass


Key Features
  • Safety and Reliability – by design!
  • Flexible Design – 6L to 100L Evaporation Vessels
  • EX Rated (ATEX) or Standard Area Classifications
  • Industrial PLC Control and Data Acquisition
  • Process Glass, Mechanical Seals – Safe & Reliable
  • Optional Safety Personnel Shielding
  • Standard Descending or Reflux Versions Available


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