Kilolabs - Pilot Plant Equipment



    The Choice is Clear:
  • We design and build process systems and equipment for Kilolabs and Pilot Plants
  • We represent equipment manufacturers of leading technologies for organic synthesis
  • We supply world class process components used in chemical production facilities
  • We have knowledgeable engineers with process scale-up and pilot plant experience
  • We service everything we sell or represent – 24/7 trained service staff
  • We are proud to be your trusted partner.


Your trusted partner…



Need to develop new process solutions? Struggling with scale-up challenges? Existing process equipment or systems in need of an upgrade? Our engineering and technical staff is ready to assist.

Sentinel began as a Corning Glass Works Process Glass Distributor in 1950 and has remained an integral part of our customers’ business growth ever since. Today Sentinel is the trusted and independent supplier of equipment for your Kilo Lab, Pilot Plant, or production facility.

As an Independent Process Systems Integrator, we offer our clients a unique experience. Unlike our competitors, we have no manufacturing facility to keep busy and are not constrained by recommending solutions manufactured by us. Sentinel has partnered with specialized equipment manufacturers who are focused on your need for process design flexibility, safety and performance. We proudly represent these world class equipment suppliers and provide our clients with the best solution, not “our” solution.

With our strong roots and years of experience in pharmaceutical and specialty chemical process and production, Sentinel has a unique understanding of your need for performance driven suppliers. We could never have grown our business without investing in engineering talent and a relentless pursuit of excellence in customer service. Sentinel clearly understands today’s demanding and increasingly competitive manufacturing environment.

Sentinel provides both custom engineered designs and standard packaged Process Glass systems to the world’s leading pharmaceutical and specialty chemical manufacturers. Our systems are rugged enough for the safe and consistent production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) or potent compounds whether our customers are producing Kilogram scale materials for clinical trials or performing full production runs.

Use Sentinel and the experience, flexibility and unique designs of our Valued Partners to complete your next project on time and on budget.

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