Kilolabs - Pilot Plant Equipment
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    The Choice is Clear:
  • We design and build process systems and equipment for Kilolabs and Pilot Plants
  • We represent equipment manufacturers of leading technologies for organic synthesis
  • We supply world class process components used in chemical production facilities
  • We have knowledgeable engineers with process scale-up and pilot plant experience
  • We service everything we sell or represent – 24/7 trained service staff
  • We are proud to be your trusted partner.



Equipment Philosophy:



Independent Process Systems Integrators are more highly prized as partners than ever before. As the API, Pharma, and Specialty Chemical Industries experience personnel cutbacks and increasing price pressures, reliable, objective, trusted partners who understand the industry are key.

Our engineers will work with you on a simple agitated glass vessel with a condenser and receiver, or help you design a fully automated Hastelloy system which will fully conform to cGMP and CFR 21. Our skilled manufacturers and partners are all highly qualified and allow Sentinel to offer our customers the best solution, beyond what any single manufacturer could. We provide you with choices in both materials and designs which are unparalleled in the marketplace today.

Our unique design-build construction approach for our kilo and pilot plant equipment utilizes our expertise and experience for the rigorous challenges involved with scale-up to full production. We have years of experience with process equipment in a variety of materials of construction. Many of our systems use a borosilicate glass components and no other material is as pure and corrosion resistant as Duran® or Pyrex®. Unlike most lab equipment, our glass components are ALL made with industrial or process glass. Process glass provides specified wall thicknesses greater than that of typical laboratory ware. Our systems are pressure rated and will hold full vacuum in compliance with DIN and other equally strict standards.

Sentinel has many unique engineered solutions which are designed to eliminate product hold-up and minimize cross contamination. We also have a Process Glass reactor which can provide cryogenic service to -60°C continuous. If you require access to the internal of the reactor or have a low sash opening in your hood, we have hydraulic systems which can facilitate access.

With over 60 years of experience in the process business, we know the importance of customer service and support. Our system designs are specifically intended to provide you with standard U.S. components, which are stocked locally. Our experienced customer service staff is ready to assist you, 24/7. Customers rave about our “paperwork” – validation and O&M manuals – because it makes their job so much simpler. And that is our goal. We want it to be easy to work with your new system or equipment, which will provide you with years of trouble-free performance.

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