Support Equipment Technologies

The safe and sanitary operation of chemical processes is critical for accuracy and cost-effectiveness. Support equipment technologies extend your equipment’s service life while protecting the substances produced. Sentinel Process Systems, Inc. has several support equipment technologies available. Learn more about their uses and benefits.


Chemical or gas scrubbers remove pollutants, such as sulfur, ammonia or chlorine. They are a cost-effective and safe option for controlling noxious gases or vapors produced by a chemical process. Our scrubbers are portable and can be used in the laboratory or on the plant floor.

Bottom Outlet Valves

Bottom outlet valves manage the direction, quantity and speed of material flow. They also allow for safe handling of high-temperature or high-pressure materials. Since the valves are at the bottom of a vessel, they allow for full drainage of the contents.

Several types of bottom outlet valves are available:

  • Glass-lined
  • Gap-free, glass-lined
  • Stainless steel
  • FireSafe

Powder Transfer Systems

Powder transfer systems allow you to reliably and efficiently transfer granular or powdered materials, particularly those that are hazardous or sensitive. Ideal for use in the pharmaceutical market, a powder transfer system has many other applications, including the food, chemical and fertilizer industries.

Support Equipment Technologies From Sentinel Process Systems, Inc.

A clean and contaminant-free system is crucial for containing costs and ensuring the quality of your company’s products. Contact Sentinel Process Systems, Inc. today to learn more about our support equipment technologies.