The FlowCell is a Raman BallProbe intended for demanding process flow-through applications. The unibody design places the patented BallProbe spherical optic directly in the flow path, minimizing dead volume and sample handling requirements while taking full advantage of the optical efficiencies.

The FlowCell BallProbe can be directly added into the flow path using common, industry-standard connections. This eliminates the complications of designing a system using proprietary hardware or attempting to port an immersion Raman probe into the flow path.

  • The FlowCell body is constructed of Hastelloy C22 alloy, a nickel-based alloy widely considered the most corrosion resistant steel.
  • The FlowCell is designed for use with the MarqMetrix Fiber BallProbes, but can be paired with third-party fiber probes compatible with a half-inch cylindrical connection
  • Available in two high performance packages:
    • 200°C, 500psi with a perfluoroelastomer seal
    • 350°C, 2000psi with a gold seal
  • Internal volume: ~180uL
  • Custom FlowCells are available with higher pressure/temperature ratings, different materials, custom connections and internal volumes.

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