Corning® Nebula™ Chemical Engineering Education Kit

The Corning® Advanced-Flow™ Reactor education platform – Corning Nebula™ Education Kits – enables colleges and universities to provide students in chemistry, chemical engineering, and related majors with inherently safer equipment to become proficient in flow chemistry and flow reactor operation. Corning Nebula Education Kits are available in two versions: (1) chemistry unit and (2) chemical engineering unit.

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Corning Advanced-Flow Reactors are industry-leading, disruptive innovations that can help change the way chemicals are made. AFR enables inherently safer, efficient continuous manufacturing while significantly reducing cost, footprint, and environmental impact. Corning provides high quality product and process solutions for the seamless scale-up from lab to commercial mass productions of pharmaceutical intermediates, fine and specialty chemicals, as well as new material synthesis.

  • Enable inherently safer continuous flow technology
  • Provide outstanding mixing and heat exchange with Corning’s patented HEART glass fluidic module design
  • Can seamlessly scale-up with other Advanced-Flow Reactor products
  • Feature a digital interface for easy, touch-based operation & wireless control

Product Characteristics Data Unit
Temperature Range -5 / 120 °C
Maximum pressure (reactive pathway) 6 bar
Minimum Flow rate 10 ml/min
Maximum Flow rate limited by pressure drop and pump efficiency
Pressure drop @ 100 ml/min (water) 1 bar
Fluidic module internal volume 8,2 ml
Wetted materials PP, PFA, Stainless steel, PPS, EPDM, Viton, PEEK, Perlast G75S O-rings, PTFE, glass
Piping size (external diameter) 1/4 inch
Pump type gear pump
Gas line (manual flow meter) 1
Fluidic module inlets / outlets 2/1
TcK (inlet / outlet HE & inlet / outlet reaction) 4
Pressure sensor (inlet / outlet reaction) 2
Flow meter (1 per pump) 2
Power supply included (Reactor) 24 V
Size (L x W x H) 630 x 415 x 546 mm
Weight 20 Kg