Contact Free Probes

The ContactFree Probes are an affordable and high-performance solution for applications that require Raman measurements without physically contacting the sample.  The ContactFree Probe delivers an extremely high Raman signal throughput, even when the sample is behind windows or semi-opaque walls.

The ContactFree Probe comes in two versions.

  • The ContactFree Probe (8mm) has a 8mm working distance that can analyze samples when an air gap or physical barrier is present.  Whether taking measurements through a window, vial or bag, this Probe provides exceptional Raman signal in the fingerprint region.
  • The ContactFree HV Probe (100mm) is designed for applications requiring the testing of heterogeneous samples or large numbers of moving samples.  The ContactFree HV (High-Volume) Probe has a 100mm working distance that can take measurements through barriers such as windows, vials or bags.  The HV Probe can analyze samples in motion such as on a conveyor belt or rotating drum.  Measurement is also possible on samples that have variable surface relief and uneven packaging

Both probes are easy to deploy, use and provide high-quality data in seconds resulting in real-time decision-making and improved process control.

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Parameter ContactFree 8mm ContactFree HV 100mm
Probe Body Material 316L Stainless Steel 316L Stainless Steel
Probe Diameter 0.5”/12.7mm 0.56”/14.2mm
Probe Length 4”/101mm 3”/76.2mm
Optics Sapphire sampling lens 12.5mm diameter optical glass
Sealing Materials High-temperature composite adhesive High-temperature composite adhesive
Clear Aperture (max Laser Beam Waist) 0.275”/7.1mm 0.275”/7.1mm
Sample Working Distance 8mm 100mm
Operating Temperature Range -4oF to 212oF (-200C to 1000C) -4oF to 212oF (-200C to 1000C)
Effective spectral range 100 – 3250cm-1 100 – 3250cm-1
Beam Spot Size <500mm 3.5mm
Compatible Laser Wavelength 500 – 1100nm 500 – 1100nm