Process Glass Reactors:

    Sentinel designs and builds Process Reactors which can be used in a Laboratory or a Production Plant. Sentinel uses a unique “process plant” approach when designing our systems and approaching our projects. Suitability of the equipment for the application, Pressure, Temperature, Operator Safety, and Comfort are just some of the considerations used by our engineers.

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Process Glass Reactor Systems:

Key Features

    • Jacketed 10L – 100L Liter Process Glass Vessels
    • Operational Range -60°C up to 200°C, Full Vacuum to 15psig
    • Solid Glass with PTFE Propellers, PFA/Steel, Glass Lined Steel or “High Alloy” Metallic Agitators
    • Dry Running PTFE with Kalrez O-ring shaft seals or Industrial Process Mechanical Seal arrangements
    • Cost Effective Air Operated or Duty Rated Electrical Motors & VFD Control
    • Interconnecting Piping of Process Glass or PFA Flare and Sentinel’s Glass Flare System
    • Jacketed, Coil Heat Exchanger, Process Glass Feed and Receivers
    • Many other options including Phase Separation, Solids Addition, Reflux Control, Automation, Data Acquisition, and Process Control


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Process Glass Systems with Lifting
and Lowering Structures or Reactor Vessels

Key Features

    • Hydraulic Lifting & Lower system support structure designs for easy access into a Lab Hood or Containment Booth with a low sash or sliding doors
    • Similar technology can be designed for Reactor Vessels, to make them easy to clean or reconfigure