Equipment We Represent



Ezi-Dock™ (Contained Powder Transfer Systems)

An ideal, cost effective way to add powders and solids to a reactor system under containment.


Steroglass (Rotary Evaporators)

Industrial Scale Rotary Evaporators with Safety Cabinets, PLC control and flexible volumetric options.



Aurora (Glove Box Containment Filters)

Unique equipment which allows Chemists and Operators the ability to watch the process during the Filtration and Drying step of product isolation, while maintaining safe containment.


Duker (Glass Lined Bottom Outlet Valves and Piping)

High quality flush bottom valves with a variety of GMP, Process Containment and Automation options as well as high-quality Glass Lined Piping components.




PSL Filter Dryers

PSL’s Filter Dryers are innovatively designed and engineered to a highly ergonomic and efficient standard.