KiloLab Support Equipment

    Let Sentinel help your operators maximize their productivity and work a little more easily and effectively with these unique products:

Process Glass Reactor Systems:

Let us provide your operators with ways to maximize their productivity and work a little easier with these unique elements.


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Gas Control Panels

We design assemble control panels to help customers control critical gases like N2 or compressed air and other utilities your team uses every day.

Cleaning Carts

Highly portable, stainless steel carts complete with Process Glass vessels, valves, tubing and pumps to help users maintain process equipment. These custom designs are very flexible to suit your facility and requirements.

Phase Separators

Portable phase separation equipment can be a real-time and space saver. Contact Sentinel today to discuss the application.

Portable Vessels

Sentinel designs and supplies Hastelloy and Stainless Steel portable vessels which can provide for a variety of uses in your facility. ASME rated or not, we have relationships with low cost, high-quality vendors ready to fabricate to our requirements.

Sampling Devices

Reactor or In-Line process sampling can make a big impact on your process yield and product quality. Speak with our engineers on ways we can help provide you with devices for collecting representative samples of your process.

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