“Hybrid” Process Reactors

    If our clients want a more industrial approach or have processes better suited using a Reactor Vessel with alternative materials, Sentinel will recommend and supply Hastelloy, Glass Lined Steel or any other Exotic Alloy, with Process Glass Overheads suitable for any process. All ASME-rated pressure rated vessels also have rated jackets. This equipment allows more rapid heat transfer with pressurized thermal fluids.

“Hybrid” Kilo Lab and Mini Reactors Systems


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Key Features

    • Jacketed Glass Lined Steel or “High Alloy” Reactors allow the use of high pressure thermal fluids and provide excellent heat transfer.
    • Wide temperature range: -90°C to 350°C Reactor temperature – excellent for cryogenic reactions
    • Complete with “Dry Running” Single or Double Mechanical Seals in a heavy duty Industrial Agitator & Drive Systems
    • Process Borosilicate Glass Cover, Jacketed Condenser, and Graduated Feed & Receiver Vessels
    • GMP designs with minimal hold-up or cross contamination
    • Fully automated with control valves, data acquisition, metered feeds and process recipe management
    • Available with Polished Stainless Steel Structural Frame With Heavy Duty Locking Casters for optimum mobility
    • Available with an Integrated Lift Mechanism – Maximum Flexibility for a Variety of Lab Hoods or “Environmental Chambers”

Modular Pilot Plant & Reactor Systems

Key Features

    • Mobile, Removable “Bays” – provides process flexibility; Reactor Vessel Isolation & Off-Line Cleaning
    • Common Utility Bays for Feed, Condensing and Receiving Equipment
    • Standard or Custom Designed Systems
    • Complete Engineering Package Solutions
    • State of the art instrumentation packages from data acquisition to the plant network to total, on board Process Recipe Management
    • Hydraulic Lifts Optional


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