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Metering Pumps

Fuji Super Metering Pumps are pulse-free metering pumps that can deliver extremely high pressures and very stable flow rates, making them highly suitable for building scalable continuous processes. Using 3 pistons instead of 2, their design allows for an ultra-precise 0.1% reproducibility factor throughout their flow range.
Fuji offers three series of Super Metering Pumps for pumping and dosing applications in small-scale production through full-scale manufacturing.


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FUJI Techno Metering Pumps Range
Name Flow Rate Range
Low High Units Pressure Limit (bar)
HYM 15.3 108.0 ml/min 147
HYS-A 0.1 2.3 l/min 980
HYS-B 1.0 15.8 ml/min 147
HYS-C 1.0 35.6 l/min 147
HYS-D 1.0 117.8 l/min 147
HYS-C* 0.1 35.6 l/min 2,000


All head types are either 316SS, Hastelloy or Titanium


All Fuji Super Metering Pumps feature:

  • High accuracy & stability (±0.1%)
  • Flow volume directly proportional to pump rotation
  • Wide temperature ranges
  • Purging and cleaning options
  • Stable flow volume even with variations in suction, discharge pressure, and viscosity

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