Cold Coil MkII™

Uniqsis Cold Coil Mk II

The Uniqsis Cold Coil MkII™ is an independent heating and cooling module that provides chemists and researchers with precision control over reaction temperature. These products are the perfect addition to flow chemistry systems used to process multistep reactions requiring up to three distinct temperature zones and three reagent inputs.

Standalone Heating and Cooling Modules for Coils and GSMs

The Cold Coil MkII heats or cools reactions with the aid of an external recirculator. You can use these setups alone or connect them in line with other Uniqsis equipment to accomplish more. A Cold Coil MkII pairs seamlessly with a Binary Pump Module. You can also easily connect it to a FlowSyn modular flow chemistry system with the aid of an optional adapter plate.

These units are compatible with all Uniqsis Glass Static Mixer/Reactors (GSM chips) for accurate temperature-controlled mixing. They also work with the complete line of Uniqsis coil reactors ranging in volumes from 2 to 20 milliliters. As an added option, you can pair the Cold Coil MkII with the innovative PhotoSyn™ LED Photoreactor for increased accuracy and productivity in a wide range of photochemistry applications.

Cold Coil MkII – FlowSyn Cooling Modules for Subzero Flow Chemistry

Cold Coil MkII standalone heating and cooling modules for coils and GSMs are excellent for performing heated reactions. When coupled with an external recirculator supplied with thermal fluid, the unit can reach and maintain operating temperatures up to 150°C. A built-in monitor tracks and maintains temperatures during reactions to ensure uniform accuracy from start to finish.

You can also use the Cold Coil MkII to complete chemistry experiments that require subzero settings. With a compatible chiller featuring the right capacity, users can program a Cold Coil MkII to bring reaction temperatures down to minus 80°C. Whenever chemists use the equipment at subambient temperatures, an integrated nitrogen gas-purge prevents icing for consistent visibility.

See How the Uniqsis Cold Coil MkII Can Improve How Your Lab Processes Reactions

At Kilolabs, we are an authorized distributor for Uniqsis flow chemistry systems — products designed by chemists for chemists. We specialize in supplying the commercial, academic, pharmaceutical and other professional sectors with advanced equipment in custom configurations, including the Cold Coil MkII. Our team has the skill to help you build a system that delivers the highest return for your investment.

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