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Sentinel’s Unique Technologies

After nearly 60 years helping customers in the Chemical Process industries, Sentinel has developed a variety of unique and cost effective solutions to transition materials, provide easy access and minimize process hold up and cross contamination.


Glass Flare:
  • Cleanest Glass Connection Available – Anywhere!
  • Adds Ease and Flexibility to your piping system
  • Eliminates excessive Glass Piping with product hold up and minimizes possible breakage
  • Improves safety of major Process Glassware elements – Reactor, Condenser, Feed & Receiver Vessels


Cryogenic Process Glass Reaction Vessel:
  • -60°C = Cryogenic Temperatures in Process Glassware
  • Glass to Glass Upper and Lower Mechanically Sealed Reactor Vessel
  • Chemically suitable for use with all thermal fluids


Process Glass Phase Separator:
  • Eliminates excessive hold up and product loss in piping system


Jacketed Process Condenser:
  • Adds 20% additional Thermal Transfer Area
  • Glass to Glass Sealed Jacket with independent Inlet/Outlet


GMP Process Adapters:
  • Safe and Easy way to transfer to sanitary Quick Disconnects
  • Connects Glass to PTFE, Stainless Steel or Hastelloy Tri Clamp Outlet
  • Minimizes cross contamination, material hold up, and product loss


Glass Lined Flat Reactor Head:
  • Multiple Connections – up to 8 process nozzles
  • Easy to clean with significantly less hold up and annular spaces
  • Reduces height and provides better clearances
  • Minimizes cross contamination, material hold up, and product loss


Utility Service Connections:
  • Quick Disconnect Hoses mounted to System structure isolates glass equipment
  • Operators can easily attach utilities without regard for Glass equipment
  • Pressure relief devices added to utility lines


Hydraulic Lift and Lower Functionality:
  • Manual hydraulics to lower the entire system for easy access inside a hood
  • Vessels can easily separate for cleaning and maintenance

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