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Kinetichem – Lab Scale Spinning Disk Reactor

  • The Kinetichem Synthetron™ is a single-disk rotor-stator reactor ideal for lab synthesis up to kg scale. Synthetron processes typically require reaction volumes of less than 0.25 mL and residence times of only fractions of a second.
  • With a reacted volume of 1.3 mL, a single Synthetron reactor system can take new chemistry from runs of a few milliliters to producing kilograms of material in a matter of days, and from kilos-per-hour scale to hundreds of kilos per hour in the course of a week.
  • Narrow gap between rotor and stator creates high surface area to mass flow ratios, resulting in unprecedented heat exchange capabilities.
  • With no restrictive micro channels in the exit path, highly viscous materials can be prepared with little pressure drop and slurries are well tolerated, making it possible to optimize highly concentrated processes at a lab scale.
  • Motor technologies and sensors allow recording and control of motor speed down to single-digit RPMs, for exceptional process, temperature, and pressure control suitable for cGMP qualification.

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