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FLOWID® SpinPro R10
and SpinPro R300



Spinning Disk Reactors (SDR’s) combine the heat transfer advantages of micro-reactors with the dynamic mixing associated with high shear mixers. By utilizing the properties of angular momentum, a rotating disk is positioned in close proximity to a stator where it may reach very high rates of speed (up to 8,000 RPM) as reagents are introduced for mixing. The Flowid R10 and R300 are 3 Stage Rotor Stator Spinning Disk Reactors designed for Pilot to Manufacturing Scale.


SpinPro R10 Reactor

SpinPro R10 is a small-scale ceramic (SiC) flow reactor, suited for chemical process development and production. SpinPro R10 enables processes to be developed and directly scaled to tonne-scale production using SpinPro R300. Made from silicon carbide, SpinPro offers the superior chemical resistance and heat transfer needed for challenging flow chemistry applications.

  • Excellent mass transfer
  • Excellent heat transfer
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Closed system, no shaft and seals
  • Economical and safe operation due to low reactor volume
  • Scalability to SpinPro R300 for tonne-scale production
  • Modular set-up enabling customized configurations


SpinPro R300 Reactor

The SpinPro R300 Reactor is a three stage spinning disk reactor for pilot and production scale. For fast chemistry, a throughput up to 200 LPH can be realized for this three stage design. The reactor consists of a jacketed static encasement in which three disk are rotating. The distance between the disk and the static encasement is typically 1 mm (135 ml) – 2 mm (230 ml). Two liquids are fed on the top of the reactor and dosed on top of the first disk. The liquids are well-mixed due to the turbulence that is created by the rotating disks. The liquids react with each other while flowing around the rotating disks. The product is collected at the bottom of the reactor.

The SpinPro technology is well suited for multiphase chemistry. Liquid/gas, liquid/liquid or combinations. Furthermore, it can handle precipitation reactions. SpinPro technology is also excellent for controlled emulsification.

Application examples:
  • Organometallic Chemistry
  • Nitration
  • Halogenation
  • Micro-encapsulation
  • Emulsion polymerization


SpinPro technology enables more efficient and safer process conditions while investments (CAPEX) can be reduced significantly. Often quality is improved, the yield increased with less by-product formation and the final product properties improved. Typically CAPEX reductions of 20-70% can be realized depending on the process. The main drivers are the lower costs of safety measurements and work-up installations.

In most applications we see a significant decrease in operational costs (OPEX) due to the higher efficiencies and lower work-up of the product, even to the extent that processes can be performed undiluted, saving tremendously on distillation, for example.

Further advantages are easy shutdown, cleaning and start-up. A major benefit is the flexibility to make different products in the same installation due to fast turnaround. The R10 can be stopped, cleaned and restarted within a few hours.