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Coflore Agitated Flow Reactors




Flow Chemistry Advantages:
  • Improves Process Yields and Increases Product Purity
  • Reduces Solvent and Catalyst Requirements
  • Reduces Equipment Cost and Infrastructure
  • NeedsReduced Volumes Increase Safety
  • Improves Energy Efficiency and Reduces Costs
Coflore Reactor Features:
  • Agitated Flow Reactor that can process:
    • Slurries and Solids
    • Gas Liquid Reactions
  • Runs Multiple Process Reaction Types
  • Ideal for longer process reaction times
  • Reactor Volume to Heat Transfer Increases Mass Transfer
AM Technology Product Offering:

ACR – Agitated Cell Reactor

  • Lab or Scale Up Unit
  • Up to 100mL Reactor Volume
  • 10 Reactor Cells with up to 20 Additional Ports
  • Counter current Block for extractions available
  • Analogue or Digital data acquisition

ATR – Agitated Tube Reactor

  • Production Unit
  • Up to 10L Reactor Volume Available
  • 10 Reactor Tubes
  • Pressures to 10bar
  • Individual Heating and Cooling of Reactor Tubes


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