Chemtrix Flow Chemistry Equipment Products – Glass and Ceramic Reactors


Chemtrix Flow Chemistry Reactor Systems are designed to rapidly scale reactions from milligrams to kilograms in a straightforward manner. The Chemtrix static mixer reactors provide several key advantages:

  • Supports Chemtrix reactor scale-up for direct scaling of reactions from mg to Kg scale.
  • Allows usage of aggressive chemicals such as chlorine liquid, fuming nitric acid and HF.
  • Safe scalability of energetic and other highly exothermic processes.
  • Zero hold up from 100% swept path zig zag static mixer elements.
  • Interchangeability between glass and silicon carbide reactors allows visual understanding of the reaction process and access to improved heat transfer of chemically resistant ceramic materials.


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Reactors for Laboratory Development

Labtrix® reactors allow chemistry to be performed with as little as 10’s of micrometers enabling discovery and reaction screening on as little as a few milligrams of starting materials. GramFlow® and KiloFlow® reactors are designed for scaling to the Gram to Kilogram range and have wider channels which can be more forgiving with respect to solid formation. On the small scale, glass surfaces allow the user to see what’s happening in the reaction to understand potential fouling or clogging issues. Well characterized heat transfer from the double jacketed reactors and static mixers result in excellent mixing and nearly perfect plug flow like behavior. Micro-scale static mixers (SOR) in the Labtrix reactors allow for direct scale up of mixing driven processes more than 800-fold. Successful reaction scale-up of 10,000 X has been performed.

Labtrix™ Start reactor is a manually operated plug-and-play continuous flow reaction system for lab-based reaction screening and process optimization.

  • Modular setup with easy exchange of components for increased chemical compatibility, number of feed lines, or reactor type/volume
  • Allows assessment of continuous process feasibility
  • Ideal for use in higher education, training and commercial applications

Labtrix™ S1 reactor is an automated plug-and-play continuous flow reaction system used for process optimization and validation, exploration of novel reaction conditions, and lab-based reaction screening.

  • Multiple reactor designs and volumes to suit different application types
  • Dedicated software provides automatic data-logging, sample collection, and control
  • Automated operation generates reliable, reproducible data for scale-up
  • Ideal for use in higher education, training and commercial applications


GramFlow™ reactor is an automated system that confirms micro scale reactor scale-up parameters.

  • Scale up from mg to grams per day
  • Integrated pre-heat and heat exchange for optimal thermal control
  • Reaction screening and g-scale production
  • Ideal for use in training and commercial applications


KiloFlow™ reactor is an automated reactor that provides larger reaction development within a standard fume hood and offers kilogram-scale production.

  • Modular, scalable flow reactor system with ml glass reactors and integrated heat exchangers configurable for different applications
  • Flexible process capacity between 100 grams and 140 kilograms per day
  • Works with standard lab pumps and temperature controls.
  • Ideal for use in commercial applications


Reactors for Industrial Development

For industrial process development, the Protrix® to Plantrix® platform allows 340-fold direct scalability to manufacture. Manufactured by 3M using a patented process involving diffusion bonding, the Silicon Carbide construction allows for the use of very aggressive chemicals such as concentrated nitric acid, hydrogen fluoride, and HCl that would corrode nearly all metals under similar conditions. Different modules allow for sequential addition of reagents and longer residence times based on a plate and frame heat exchanger format.

  • Fully automated systems
  • 3M advanced ceramics diffusion bonding holds plates together without cement or gaskets
  • 5x greater conductivity than Hastelloy or steel, ensuring uniform heat transfer
  • Protrix reactors scale directly to Plantrix MR 555 platform (340x scale-up), allowing quick transition from gram-scale development to ton-scale production


Chemtrix Product Range
Name Flow Rate Range
Low High Units Internal Vol Reactor Type Temp Range Pressure Limit (bar)
Labtrix 0.1 100 ul/min 1 to 19.5 ul Glass -50°C – 195°C 20
Labtrix S1 0.1 100 ul/min 1 to 19.5 ul Glass -50°C – 195°C 20
Gram Flow 0.2 10 ml/min 1 ml Glass -50°C – 150°C 20
Kilo Flow 0.2 100 ml/min 0.8 – 18 ml Glass -20°C – 150°C 20
Protrix 0.2 20 ml/min 1 – 13.5 ml 3M Silicone Carbide -20°C – 150°C 25
Plantrix – MR260 1.0 36 l/hr 2.9 – 170 ml 3M Silicone Carbide -30°C – 200°C 25
Plantrix – MR555 5.0 400 l/hr 0.1 – 4 l 3M Silicone Carbide -30°C – 200°C 25