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The Coflore® Agitated Cell Reactor (ACR) is a bench top flow reactor for developing scalable flow solutions in a laboratory environment. The Coflore® ACR is an external mechanically agitated flow reactor with a reactor channel divided into 10 CSTR equivalent stages. The Coflore® technology provides good mixing and plug flow even at very low flow rates enabling the ACR platform to provide great versatility.
The Coflore® ACR systems are ideal for establishing and developing novel continuous processes prior to scale up or when only limited quantities of material are available or required. The use of Coflore® mixing technology ensures that any process developed on an ACR system has a scale up path via Coflore® ATR-1L and 10L systems.


AM Technology – ATR – Plant Scale Reactors

The Coflore® Agitated Tube Reactors (ATR) are the most flexible and capable plug flow reactors available. Coflore® technology generates radial mixing using freely moving agitating elements within each reactor tube. The volumetric displacement of these mixers is less than 5% of the working volume but the swept volume is over 80%. This design also eliminates the need for mechanical seals, rotating drive shafts and baffles. This makes the system simple, efficient and easy to clean.
Coflore® ATR systems are comprised of a series of 10 tubes which provide high flexibility with multiple addition points, temperature zones and variable reactor volume. This provides great versatility:

  • Reaction time <10 seconds to >3 hours
  • Co-current and counter-current mode
  • Slurries, immiscible fluids and gas/liquid mixtures.
  • Plug flow equivalent to >100 stirred tanks in series (1 hour reaction time in <6 metres of tube)
  • Mass transfer rates 1-2 orders of magnitude better than large batch reactors.
  • Blending times 1-2 orders of magnitude faster than batch reactors.

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