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About GL Filtration  

GL Filtration Limited specializes in the design and manufacture of Filtration and Drying equipment for the pharmaceutical and specialty chemical industries.

The primary focus of the company’s products is in R & D, Kilo Lab, and Pilot Scale.

GL Filtration’s product range includes Nutsch Filters, Filter Dryers, Pan Dryers, and Conical Mixers.

All the equipment is capable of being supplied with integrated containment solutions for handling high potency products and for general cGMP.


For more information visit: GL Fitration Website


GL Filtration – High Containment Filter Dryers



GL Filter Dryers incorporates the following:
  • Pneumatically Driven Agitator
  • Hydraulic Raise/Lower of Agitator
  • Nitrogen Purged Double Mechanical Seal and Flexible Alloy C22 Bellows
  • Heated Agitator
  • Dust Filter
  • Fully Contained Glovebox Discharge
  • Fully Contained Sampling
  • Fully Contained Heel Recovery


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