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About AM Technology  

AM Technology was founded in 2000. The company specializes in innovative solutions for the manufacture of high value chemicals. AM Technology is the global leader in CSTR technology for continuous synthesis of high value chemicals. Their products are protected by global patents and are used in the manufacture of fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, flavors and fragrances, dyes, polymers and bio synthesis.

AMT’s reactor products are designed to allow full manufacturing scale-up of lab scale processes, allowing customers to be sure their research effort translates directly into production capability. They offer a range of standard lab units for process development and industrial scale flow reactors in a variety of materials. AM Technology provides customers with a wealth of knowledge to support the development and scale up of their flow processes.


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Coflore Agitated Flow Reactors




Flow Chemistry Advantages:
  • Improves Process Yields and Increases Product Purity
  • Reduces Solvent and Catalyst Requirements
  • Reduces Equipment Cost and Infrastructure Needs
  • Reduced Volumes Increase Safety
  • Improves Energy Efficiency and Reduces Costs


Coflore Reactor Features:
  • Agitated Flow Reactor that can process:
    • Slurries and Solids
    • Gas Liquid Reactions
  • Runs Multiple Process Reaction Types
  • Ideal for longer process reaction times
  • Reactor Volume to Heat Transfer Increases Mass Transfer


AM Technology Product Offering:

ACR – Agitated Cell Reactor

  • Lab or Scale Up Unit
  • Up to 100mL Reactor Volume
  • 10 Reactor Cells with up to 20 Additional Ports
  • Counter current Block for extractions available
  • Analogue or Digital data acquisition

ATR – Agitated Tube Reactor

  • Production Unit
  • Up to 10L Reactor Volume Available
  • 10 Reactor Tubes
  • Pressures to 10bar
  • Individual Heating and Cooling of Reactor Tubes

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